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Full Version: Sims 3 next game idea
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I think they should add

-up to ten family members

-sims could either be Humans or pixies.

-Sims could own chimps.

-multiple houses

-new activities like karaoke,Table tennis,wii,pillow fights,and tug a war

-be able to play sports like basketball,tennis,wet t-shirt contest,obstacle course,volleyball,wrestling,golf,ect

-new locations like clubs and arcades

-new and returning jobs like singer,model,lawyer,and movie director. And part time jobs like circus performers and fight club members

-new vehicles like skateboards,roller skates,and motorcycles

- being able to make tree houses and have elevators in houses.

-new romantic options like do sexy dancing and role play

-Quadruplets in pregnancy. Also have ultrasound to find out the gender and the amount of babies.


-When teens graduate high school, they could go to colledge.And you could actually go in the colledge

-Living in different types of locations like Suberbs,urban city,beach,village,country,ect.

That's bout it :•D

And they should have story and free mode return.

And you should move the characters around the same way you were able to move them in sims 2 series

Lastly this should also be for consoles.And any feature for pc version should also be in consoles Yahoo
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