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Full Version: Seasons!!!
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I longed for Pets, and now we have it. But where's Seasons?! I want rain. :mw_fist: It's only basic!

Not that they should create an entire expansion for that. But they can add weather somewhere in between those expansions. Not to mention that weather can inspire some interesting traits and events too. Like, the rainy day people (from the song Tongue). It can be a trait that gives you a moodlet whenever it's raining and can go well with couch potato. Sims can also get soaked when going outside in a storm in stead of just walking in and out of their houses without getting wet when raining in Sims 2. Not to mention that snow will bring along so many activities. Cold, diseases and the proper use of chimneys would be introduced.

Earth Mama

So far, there is going to be a Magic EP (stuffs leaked with 1.33 update) after Showtime. I don't think we'll get a Seasons very soon tho. v.v

I really wish a Seasons EP, with some new creatures too. And maybe some new seeds and plantable flowers that you can tend to during the year. (too much work for EA, though. XD)
I can't wait for seasons. All this non-stop sunshine gets wearing after a while and I have to go play Skyrim just to get a change of weather!

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
Completely agree with you guys! And new seeds, of course, why did I forget, it'll be great to have some more fruits and vegetables. Don't like those omniplants, I mean, come on... I've got this mod though, with a few more plantable vegetables and a complete list of other cooking ingredients added...
Anyway... magic? X( Man, not that I don't like it, but we need the basic weather in our game before we start waving wands around...
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