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Full Version: Registration too hard.
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Try solving the quotes on an iPad... so much hassle. One of your quotes is broken and won't accept the correct answer.
The questions are meant to be that bit harder than the usual "what is 2 + 2" to stop spambots auto registering.

A pity we can't find a way of using it to deter those who join this site just to ask some technical question before vanishing never to be heard from again. Dodgy
hahaha i had to use the internet to find a better way of wording my answer to the quote cuz i kept getting it wrong when i worded it my way Wink
Which one was it that was causing the trouble?

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
I know this is older but this is the same thing for me.
I had a yard time signing up.

I would suggest making the questions sims related.


Q: What is the name of The Sims creator?
A: Will Wright

Q: What is the name of the second sims console game?
A: The Sims Bustin Out

Q: What is the name of the maxis head?
A: Lucy Bradshaw

Q: What year did The Sims release?

A: 2000

Q: What is the first sims game not developed by Maxis?
A: The Sims 3

Q: Unscramble this name: "Ellba Thog"
A: Bella Goth
The reason we don't have log in questions linked to the Sims series is those spambotters looking to circumvent auto-registration protections will have coding designed to pick up website cues in order to improve their chance of giving appropriate answers. Having questions of more than one word they will either know or have to google for at least stop the automated spambots.

At the time of posting, there are six different posters attempting to register - I can all but guarantee they will be spambots, & they will keep on attempting until they can find a word or number that will let them do so. This is a constant problem here because of Sims Forums' strong Google ranking. We have to be that bit more diligent - this place at one stage had over 30 000 spambot accounts registered.

It also helps to a certain degree deter those only registering because they're too lazy to google answers to Sims games technical problems & thinking we've nothing better to do with our time than answer them before they piddle off & we never hear from them ever again.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
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