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Full Version: Some self Sims (current members and absent friends)
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After doing the one for BroadwayBeckons, I got a message from Somayea about making a Sim (I assume a self Sim for her now she has Sims 3, if I am wrong then oops!).

So for the fun of it & the exercise (I will admit to needing practice with CAS), I'm going through the back pages of SF & with the data I can find will have a try at doing some other self Sims from here. With those going to college & finding time to come on here more limited, it will be nice for them to have their self Sims & "absent friends" in their games.

Here's Somayea

[Image: 136606.jpg]

The traits I could find she'd listed in a back post of SF for herself were Absent Minded, Clumsy, Good, Coward, Artistic. But after her post yesterday in "What are you thinking right now?" about people not turning up on time I thought Absent Minded didn't seem right.

She also had three negative traits, which would have made her self Sim more annoying than fun to play with. Out went Coward, which is more like a "faint" trait, & a total death sentence if there is a fire (the Sim faints & ends up cremated).

The revised traits I gave her were: Artistic, Bookworm (replacing Coward), Clumsy, Good, Perfectionist (replacing Absent Minded)

Her hair I think comes from Showtime, but everything else should be base game.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
[Image: 136607.jpg]

Here's Ahmed. Having broken the chains of Mubarak oppression, he has recycled them into a swing Biggrin

I think the hair is from Ambitions.

I used the traits he listed on here some time ago; Family-Oriented, Artistic, Childish, Over-Emotional, Friendly.

He'll probably want to change them - rebellious seems a likely one Tongue

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
[Image: 136609.jpg]

Here's Steven (Serp3821). He's not happy because he's got that creepy ice cream truck following him now.

He only listed four traits for himself; Ambitious, Artistic, Genius, Family Orientated. So I added Schmoozer.

Hair was base game for this one for sure.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
That's a nice idea, Minty.

I thought I might as well add me so here I am Smile

[Image: CaspinSimself.jpg]

Traits are: Heavy Sleeper, Good Sense of Humour, Bookworm, Excitable and Friendly.

I usually join the science or education careers. My sim likes to spend a lot of time reading, eating in restaurants, drinking in bars and going to the spa. Sounds decadent Smile

If the simpack works properly I should turn up with some skills already and in my backpack there should be a scooter, a laptop, some books and recipes, some bottles of wine and a rubber duck. I felt that these items best represented me.

Edit: attachment removed Tongue
Here's Yo!WhoMovedMyCheese? in all his glory.

[Image: 136641.jpg]

Traits from those given by him in the past are Computer Whiz, Couch potato, Friendly, Hot headed & Shy.

His lifetime wish is that monster crossbreeder one, you know, get to the top of the science career. Feel free to change it.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
Cassie , which I did during sanity breaks trying to do Bobert and Sammie.

[Image: 136642.jpg]

The last set of traits she put up for herself were Clumsy, Family-Orientated, Friendly, Neurotic, Perfectionist. I ditched Family Orientated for Bookworm as its more useful in the early game, & with her being a Potterhead it seemed right.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
These look great! I've tried a million times to make a self sim and can never get it right.
Hey, do Minty and Ollie have CC-free simselves that they would be willing to share? If so can I pop them in my game and we can all play gnubb or something!?
I'll make myself a simself tomorrow, but I will be stuck with a problem, should I go teen or child. I mean I'm very small, but I don't want to make myself be a child. I'll just go with Teen, whatever. Also I wish the sims 3 had dimples. :/
Ah, dimples would be great! I agree - be a teen sim. Hope you have a great weekend Ollie Smile
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