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Full Version: What's your favourite all-time sims 1 game? ;-)
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I would have to say for me...... Superstar Big Grin
Hmm it's hard to tell considering I haven't played it in ages. If I had to choose from the ones i've played (Makin magic, livin large and vacations) I'd say vacations.
I don't think I could choose between Superstar and Hot Date!

I loved all the content that came with both.

[Image: eab0b1c2b2_64862577_o2.jpg]

[Image: 316443__superstar.jpg]
Big Grin I feel so nostalgic reading these threads!

Eeenie meenie mineie mo... hot date, no, holidays...superstar thingy one?? :O

I can't pick between the original games, I love them too much. I had a master plan (Well, I thought it was a master plan, I was proud of it when I first came up with it) to achieve absolutely everything in the complete collection. More of an ambition than a plan. Pets was too hard, so I tried to get my sim super famous...I think 4 stars was the highest I ever got before the computer crashed (Damn you, recurring crashes! Damn you to heck.) and now I have to wait for computer-y friends to help me install a magical pretend computer onto my laptop. (Yay for computer-y friends!)

I miss putting out random trays of food to feed random neighbors' pets.
"Magical pretend computer" on your laptop?

Lemme guess, you have a Macbook?

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
I like Bunny Bunny

I like Bunny Bunny

I like Bunny Bunny

They go hippety hop!
Def the 2002 remake for consoles!

[Image: 589451_47224_front.jpg]

The graphics were breathtaking for its time.
Hot Date is my all time favorite. It gave us downtown and we could go on dates. I also loved the whole eating at a restaurant, shopping, and the slot machine. So much fun..

I really wish they would not of changed the original beginning to the game. The music and watching that house getting built. I would be doing the happy dance waiting for the game to load. I still have all of my games. I will never sell them.. Never.
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