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Full Version: All my hoods in one place.
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I have placed all my hoods in one place for all to see.
These only need the base game to play and also they will work in both Life Stories and Pets Stories games.
The Beginning of Pleasantview.
The Beginning of Strangetown.
The Beginning of Vernoaville.
Old Town from Sims 1 to Sims 2.
Riverside without Sims.
Castaway Stories for Sims 2.

These 3 hoods need Pets EP to play.
All 3 Pets Stories Hoods for Sims 2. You will need to fix some walls and floors to your taste.

[Link Removed - See Answer Below]
I have removed your link as it was to another website where you have to join to see the content, let alone download it.

Sims Forums does not allow linking to other sites where you have to sign up before you can see what you're letting yourself in for, not least of all because these tend to be the sort of places with some very dubious practices.

If you want to post links to your downloads, post pictures of the content here & direct links to them.

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
You no longer need to register at Simbology to see and download all my hoods.

[Link removed - see reason below]
Nice try.

You never needed to register at Simbology to download their content in the first place - I've known of them ever since Crazy Town recommended them for those still into Sims 2.

Your original post had links to Mod The Sims, not Simbology, which you do have to join still to be allowed to download.

In my reply to your original post, I said clearly:-

"if you want to post links to your downloads, post pictures of the content here & direct links to them."

Instead you've chosen to post up yet another link to another forum, & in what I see as a piece of cheek chosen to alter your original post to shove that new link in.

I also note you've gone to some pains to post superfluous links in your post at Simbology linking to MTS extensively, even though the items are up on Mediafire.

If Simbology are happy enough to spend their own money to be a link board for someone anxious for those at MTS to pat his head & feed him a doggy biscuit, that's their affair. Sims Forums is not.

We suffer enough membership attrition without those joining simply to encourage members to go elsewhere, & expecting Matt to fork out of his pocket for your free advert.

If you can't be arsed posting direct links with pictures as you were asked - let alone bothering to get involved in SF (you haven't even bothered to post in GD), we can't be arsed indulging you further.

[Image: 138223.jpg]

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
There was another stray MTS link from this poster here but I have tidied it away now.

[Image: spring-cleaning.jpg]

Tidy tidy tidy Yes
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