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Full Version: hey guys this is awesome
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i finally found forums for sims without having the game! my dad is gonna get me sims 3 for my birthday and i am trying to learn all about so i am not lost!Biggrin

i am wondering if you are able to record on sims 3 and put it on youtube?Dunno
see ya!

Crumbs, so you have joined the forum before you have the game? That's a novel approach! Smile

Anyway - welcome!
ya. it is being shipped to me right now. lol. i can't wait to play the game! i will probably gonna have more questions once i start but hopefully not lost. thanks for your help!
Hello & welcome aboard!

Yes, you can make videos with sound in game. Some people prefer to use FRAPS though, but never saw the point as the in game recorder is perfectly good.

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well my parents don't want anything downloaded so that isn't an option. thanks tho!
You'll be fine with the in-game camera and video recorder then. It'll be exciting when you get your hands on the game at last!
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