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Full Version: hello all
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Hey, my name is Darian and I love the Sims Tongue Thought it would be nice to have a community that loves the Sims just as much as I do! Let's see... what else should I say to introduce myself? I'm a college student and major in Meteorology, I love writing and have been trying to convert some of my writings into a story using The Sims 2, and I live in the deep south. So yeah, I look forward to seeing what this community has to offer Smile
Welcome, Darian! I'm pretty new here too, and so far I've been "wowed" by what a kind, amazing and supportive group this is! You should totally convert your stories using the Sims; bringing the text and characters to life using images makes for one truly fun and addicting time. Smile
Hello Darian and welcome to Sims Forums! Egyptiandance

Meteorology, eh. That sounds interesting. Does that make Seasons your favourite expansion!

We would love to see some of your Sims 2 stories - there's a section for Stories and Legacies here. Or just join us in a rambling conversation about Sims or anything else that springs into your mind!

Bean- So far I've been really enjoying it Big Grin

Caspin- I do kind of have a sweet spot for the Seasons expansion xD along with Ambitions and Supernatural.
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