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Full Version: 1000 things you'd like to see in the sims?
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Lets start from 1, and try to get to 1000. I will start. the next person says the second thing. third person says 3rd. Please put the numbers so we know where we are.

1. Wheelchairs, and disabled sims

2. Power outages during storms
3. Pigs - for those who like to play farming sims
4. Good looking pugs that can be moulded with The Sims 4 CAS.

Note: Moved thread to forum games section.
5. A a World Cup for sims! They could all get the day off work/school and go to the stadium and get special moodlets for attending.
6. The matchmaker! I miss her haha. She was my favorite "service" in TS2.
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