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Full Version: Adverts?! I hate ads, what are you playing at?!
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Why the Ads?
Yeah, sorry everyone, but I've put some Google AdSense ads up on the site. Only at the top there, there will never be any popup or ads between posts, everyone hates those.

Why now?
This site hasn't had any adverts on it for years. Which obviously means this site hasn't been making any money for years. Domain name renewals and hosting isn't free you know?! Luckily, it's also not that expensive for a site of this size so I've not minded taking the hit. However, the domain is up for renewal again so I thought I'd add the ads just to try and cover a fraction of the cost.

But, I hate ads. You suck.
Nobody likes ads really, and lets be honest, if you really don't like them you would have installed an ad blocker extension in your browser. There are plenty out there, just google it. That'll solve your problem.

Wait, did you just tell me a way to avoid seeing your ads?
Yes, you're welcome. But if you want to help cover the costs, feel free to allow them for this site and give them a click when you stop by!

So yes, say hello to the ads. If you see any ads that are not appropriate grab the details and let me know and I'll block the ad type/network. If you've any questions about any of this let me know or send me a PM.

Thanks all and sorry... Dunno
So far I have mostly seen some kind of skin clinic and some questionable relationship advice!
I'm not seeing any - hooray for Ad blockers Tongue

Have you all thought that most of Matt's money will be made from the companies trying to auto-sign up to spambot us (which their bots can't do now anyway). I like that idea, it's sort of wealth redistribution from the unworthy to the worthy!

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan

[Image: adsense.png]

It's already paying off!
Wow! Lucrative!
The ads seem to have been more reputable for the last few days. I'm getting DIY stores and offers for cloud data storage, instead of the somewhat distasteful offers that were appearing initially.
I have adblocker going so I don't see them. Do what you need to do to keep this place going, Matt.
I turned adblocker off so that I could vet the ads. Diligent is my middle name (no, it isn't). I even clicked on two of them, hopefully netting Matt an extra penny!
Just a question, if you don't mind me asking.
Where do you go through? Go Daddy, Host Gator? etc?

I use GoDaddy and they are expensive. Omg
Whats sad is I don't even use the URL anymore because I used it as a redirect for my former ebay account. Dunno
I think that the adverts are getting to know me, as they started advertising restaurants rather than mail order brides!
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