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Full Version: Scenery
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One of things I most like seeing from other people's games is the scenery. For all its faults, the game sometimes looks quite pretty and sometimes I'm more interested in the view than the sims themselves. So here is a thread in which you should feel free to deposit any nice scenery you manage to snap in-game. All brands are welcome - TS2, 3, 4 etc. Or I'll just spam you with mine, as usual. Tongue

I'm in Monte Vista at the moment, with a house on a hill. So, sunsets are go!

[Image: Sunset_MV.jpg]

Here is a nice combo of sunshine and snowflakes, observed today while I was staring at the university town in TS3.

[Image: Snow_and_sun_unitown.jpg]

I also noticed this (apologies for the darkness - a snowstorm was occurring). One of the roads leading out of the university town is made to look as though it leads to the city. In the distance you can hopefully just about make out a group of skyscrapers with their windows lit up. I've never noticed that before! Always something new to see. Yes

[Image: Distant_city_1.jpg]
I moved my game to Lucky Palms. It's one of my favourite EA-made towns. I particularly like it at night - with the purple sky and all those nice big rocky mountains out in the desert.

[Image: Lucky_Palms_night.jpg]

I do wish they'd made the wind farm operational, though. At least have the sodding wind turbines rotate occasionally!
[Image: ShangSimla_pink_sky.jpg]

Quite a snazzy pink sky in China today/
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