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Full Version: Hi There!
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Hi Everyone!

I've been a Simmer for two years now I think, but I'm just wanting to get into the Sims community to share my experiences playing the games. BeatingHeart

I use the Sims 3 as my main game to play, but I have played the original Sims for a short period of time, and I've been thinking of getting the Sims 4 to have even more adventures with. Yahoo

I look forward to being apart of the forums! The_Sims_Plumbob_Pixle_by_Neon_Zombie
Hello. I'm not the official greeter but welcome to SF. It's a little empty right now, sad to say.
Hellow Guys,

i am in this forum and i am so excited to comment on this forum i heard lot of about this so i decided to join. i hope everyone is fine out there.
Get tae fudge Fernando, ya spamming wee bar steward.

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