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Full Version: The 'Have you ever...' Game
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yes. it hurts so much :'( even though i had them removed on march 20th i still think about it every day...

hye had you adenoids removed? (i have those removed at the same time as my tonsils. so i couldnt cough, cry, or blow my nose {mellow})
No, thankfully.

HYE Gone Swimming In a River?

hye been to el paso? (thats where i live 8))


nope Sad

Have you ever been to connecticut? (where i live Big Grin)
newp Sad

hye accidentally said "lol" in a real conversation?


ive avoided it really well, actually Big Grin

hye kissed a girl and like the taste of ther cherry chapstick?
NO! i hate the stupid song {glare}

hye PMed me?


yepp Big Grin
hye thought of me randomly during the school day?

have you ever sneaked on simsforums during school? (i have)


nope, it tracks what we do online Tongue
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