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Full Version: The 'Have you ever...' Game
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nope, lol

HYE played hide and seek, in the dark?
as a matter of fact, yes, i have

HYE wondered if you could fit down a chimney? (sry...a kid in my daycare centre asked me this question today lol)
Nope lol

HYE played the sims 2 all night long?
yes the next day i knocked out around 7pm lol

HYE fallen asleep at work/school during something
important I.E)test,project,important client
Nope. Thank goodness. Smile

HYE been to the Emergency Room?
yeah, when I was 2 but again but it was for my mom, not me

HYE stayed up to watch your house?

HYE known someone with diabetes?

HYE walked in on sombody naked
LOL. Sadly, yes. D:

HYE had someone walk in on you at a public restroom?
Eww no thank god

HYE seen a kangaroo irl
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