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Full Version: The 'Have you ever...' Game
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No. Not allowed -.-

HYE accidentally clicked on pr0n?  {ohmy}
Oh wow.
Nope. But a few sites redirect you to it.
HYE cussed someone out in another language?
Yes. French. Tongue

HYE fallen on your face?
Yes. Many times D:
HYE tripped someone on purpose?
Once I got high off of Twizzlers in some museum and I was sitting down and a little kid walked by and I tripped him.


HYE eaten too much of something?
I eat too much everything. D;

HYE shaved all your hair off your head?
Yes. When I was a baby Tongue
HYE shaved your cat?
I don't have a cat ._.

HYE done something stupid?
Loads of time.
HYE played Truth or Dare?
Yes -.-

HYE played 7 Minutes in Heaven?
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