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Full Version: The 'Have you ever...' Game
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HYE screamed in your sleep?

Have you ever been awakened by something in your dream that made you laugh? Big Grin


No. =(

HYE opened the front door nude for someone?
Umm No.

HYE felt in a rush even though you knew you had plenty of time.


Many times.

HYE drunk from someone elses glass/cup by mistake?

Have you ever found a set of someone else's false teeth at the bottom of the cup?


Never! But it would be a hilarious prank though! Big Grin

HYE licked on a frozen metal pole?
Yes, but I never got stuck.

HYE woken yourself up without realizing it?
Yep. And even walked downstairs. Tongue

HYE eaten a caterpillar?


No. =d

HYE had a papercut?
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