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Full Version: The 'Have you ever...' Game
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Yes, & I was the one that cut it! Bwahaharoll

The worst one I ever had someone else did came from a barbers I used to go to. The owner was Iranian & he was always good value with the customers talking about everything, although largely football (he was eventually forced to sell up & go back to Iran to try & get the rest of his family out who were being mistreated by the authorities).

One of the three chairs in the shop was hired to a Polish bloke, who by the time he'd finished with me gave me a haircut like a llama had been eating chunks of it, & for good measure decided to shave off half of each eyebrow. I looked like something from an old BBC science fiction programme, & as it was during my lunchbreak, there wasn't time to get it sorted before going back. The office had a field day. I refused to ever let him cut my hair again.

Months later, the barber from Hell was kicked out when another Polish guy entered the shop & whilst waiting pointed to what was supposed to be the muppet's hairdressing diploma from back home & asked the owner if he was Iranian why was there a Polish child's bicycle proficiency certificate hanging on his wall? Biggrin

He never hired out the vacant chair again - & he wouldn't let that guy get his bicycle certificate back either!

Have you ever attempted to do a recipe that no matter how many times you did it exactly right according to the instructions absolutely refused to come out the way it was supposed to?

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
Yes and it's a really simple recipe. I can bake all manner of complex things, but a simple oatcake recipe was my undoing. Personally I blame the oven.

Have you ever been sunburned on just one side of your face?
Hahaha yes, many years ago whilst out walking in the countryside. Still don't understand why only one half was affected! Dunno

Have you ever saw what you thought was a UFO?

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
HYE been involved in a bad car crash?
I was knocked down by a car at high speed and the bus I was in had a car smash straight into the side.

Have you ever got lost in your own bed when you were little; that is, somehow when you were sleeping ended up turning and burrowing under the covers so when you woke you didn't know how to get back out?

Egyptiandance Wacko Fryingpan
Yes I think so, but I expect I just thought 'oh well' and went back to sleep Smile

Have you ever thought about running away and starting a new life some place where nobody knows you?
Not yet considering the fact of what the hell would I do with no school, no nothing.

HYE started to play a game or go on to the Internet just before going somewhere (school, work, etc) only to lose track of time and end up arriving late or missing what you were going to do?
Nope I'm very punctual usually. I do lose track of time easily so I set an alarm if I need to be somewhere.

Have you ever been carol singing?
Nope and I never hope I become one or come near one. I mean no offence to them, but I'm already sick of my mother blasting loud Christmas music into my ears every year and all those stupid Christmas advertisements with carols playing in the background and yeah. To some it up, I don't like Christmas carols.
HYE tried to ride a dog when you were younger?
Yes! I was very small and the dog was very big. He was also very patient!

Have you ever seen a ghost?
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