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Full Version: The 'Have you ever...' Game
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i wish! but no
HYE been outside your own country?
yah. i went to paris, london, texel, and amsterdam with school. and i've been to texas as well

HYE been on a boat?


Yeah... once or twice. Smile
HYE been to Jack in the Box? (best french fries ever!!)

HYE ran away from home?


No. HYE played HYE? ;D
(10-04-2008 07:11 PM)♥--->Chanel_Simmy<---♥ link Wrote:No. HYE played HYE? ;D
first time ;D. Have you ever been caught cursing && you weren't suppose to?
yah when my 3 yeard old niece is here, can't curse then 'cause she's like a sponge, takes up everything she hears. 

HYE prettended to be sick just to skip school

HYE jumped out of a plane? I so want to do that. I mean with safety equipment and all, I'm not just going to jump out. :Smile Wink
Nope, but I did a bunjee jump before?  Big Grin

HYE eaten a cake with a picture of you on it?
No! I would like to eat a cake with a picture of Rupert's face on though... it would be carrot cake. Wink

HYE broken any of your TS2 disks?
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