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Full Version: The 'Have you ever...' Game
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Yes :-[
HYE been best friends with a person of the opposite gender?
Yes! Lots of my friends are boys. Many of them are very immature though.

HYE snuck into an 18 movie when you were too young? I've done this many times and nobody says anything. ??? We don't even sneak in, we just get tickets like everyone else... Silly cinema people. :Smile Big Grin


HYE read any "For Dummies" books?
HYE cried during a sad movie.


Yeah :'(
HYE cried so much that you ran out of tears? ;D
Yes! My eyes go all dry and it hurts! Sad

HYE stayed up an entire night without sleeping?
Yes the day I got Sims.
HYE wanted EA to release a game early.

HYE wondered what it feels like to be a Sim?


HYE wanted to be a sim?
Definitely yes!

HYE been a Sim? :o
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