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Full Version: The 'Have you ever...' Game
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HYE watched TV with your eyes closed?
Yep. I can picture the scenes in my head, easy as peas. Smile

HYE fell asleep on the bus and missed your stop?
Yes Tongue

HYE been to the U.S.
Yep. Twice.

HYE been to the UK?

HYE been to Africa?

HYE asked what your parents would have named you if you were a girl?


no because im am a girl

hye  eat something wierd the tasted good
Not as far as I can remember.

HYE liked a song you really wish you didn't like?

HYE thown vegetables at someone?

- // ::ƒяεaκzỉỉℓℓa::\\ -
duh.  ;D

HYE been in a car crash?
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