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Full Version: The 'Have you ever...' Game
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No, but I have got chucked out of several lessons becase I just could not stop laughing :Smile Big Grin

HYE been told you look like a certain celebrity?

HYE made one of your teachers cry?

- // ::ƒяεaκzỉỉℓℓa::\\ -
Not me alone... my class did.

HYE felt sorry for a teacher?
Yes, because another of the teachers, which was her close friend, died. Sad

HYE hugged a teacher?
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. Sad

No, people would think I'm a freak lol!

HYE been picked on by a teacher?

HYE had a feeling that a teacher hates you?

- // ::ƒяεaκzỉỉℓℓa::\\ -
Yes - I asked her why and she denied it. Grr!

HYE blamed something on someone else to your teacher?

HYE done something silly and crazy for charity?
Yes, I didn't speak for two weeks, if that's silly enough.

HYE done the Race for Life (Cancer charity thing)?


Nope. I suck at running Tongue
HYE donated to charity?
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