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Full Version: Elbow Typing
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Okay y'all, It's Larue!!!! I'm BACK!!!! Now I have a new game!

Kay, here it is:
Type your name with your elbows
~Nati Larue (Larue is my last name, Nati my first)

You try! It's hard Smile


7Y68iu8nhbn  t554retg!!!! KIT/;as bg

OK, I don't even know what I typed. Tongue

-Supergeek (I'm too lazy to get on mine Tongue)


ed nm ffkljl cxjn
It's supposed to say Em rocks Tongue


OIyt/s suu856posed tol say6 Em, r4olcvkldcx Tongue

Type this with your eyes closed! :o



pinmkl pasntghhhhhtter  r90dcks  =pink panther rocks



I have five dollars? Tongue
io gtyhaqed 5 dollarrrrs

the dollars came out almsot right!!!!!! Just go slow as you're typing and it works well. How 'bout:

i cannot definetely type with my elbows most definetely i cannot do this omg it's incorrect. who's going to take on that challnege.. :0


i    caannot deeeefindetlyyt ttype thnis wkitgh my elllbowsw most definretyly i cannoy6 nto this nommmmmmmmg

lol that was long.

here:  I love to sniff summer flowers!
i love to9n sniffb summjer fcl,koirersa- wow flowers dosen't look wright  Big Grin

try this one-

lalalalala laaa laa la bum bum weeee abcdefghijklmnopqrxtuvwxyz

;D have fun with that


lkakslakslalakslalal lalaa laa la myn min wrrrrrreeee sncdefhhikklnmnopqrstrewuvwdxuytz


everybody get funky on the dancefloor yo!
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