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Full Version: Rate-an-Avatar!
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A spinoff of Rate-a-siggy!

Rate the person above you's avatar!

I rate myself 10/10! Big Grin



10/10!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!

10/10 - I have that avi, and it speaks the truth (most of the time lol). Wink
lol yeah, she had to edit it to say btch instead of bitch Tongue


10/10! I love rainbows! They are HIP! And groovy! And pshycadelic! (sp?) lol

10/10. Matt did a great job. Wink


10/10 it looks nice
10/10 - They really suit being emo with that morbid look they're all pulling. Plus it's HP so I have to give it top score! Wink
10/10. I absolutely adore your avatar, Cassie!
I LOVE that pose!
Haha, thanks! Wink Have a karma, just for saying that. Wink

And 10/10 for you. Too cute!
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