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Full Version: *new* info on TS3
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ok well first of all Will Wright's not working on the sims 3 and no more bladder bar insted of 8 motive bars there will only be like a few one of the big one is stress vs. fun  but your sims like will still have ta go to the bathroom but supossedly from what my dad says this icon will appear next to its picture on the side when it needs to go and if it dosnt its happy meter will go down and eventually it will wet itself lol no more wants and fears sims now have dream oh and shoes come sepretly insted of going with your outfit you can be a scientist and an astronot and much more oh you will see the stars and the moon and the sun and there will be morning mist and dusk jobs just arnt like jobs anymore you can have romances with the other staff member and that legit stuff uhmm what else what else like this ones kinda hard to explain but your sims can decide when it wants to like buckle down and work hard or weather or not it wants to be lazy and that kinda stuff oviously you can walk around town and you can zoom out while your playing your sims to see the hole nieghbor hood things can be put at a 45 degree angel and the biulding grid is smaller  hold on theres morewell you some of the stories arnt coming back  pleasant view town wont be there anymore there is a downtown area theres a movie theater!
bistro,bookstore, park (duhh) and like tons more places as you prolly know everything is costomizable and there like a zillion traits and you can like combine them so theres a million more options ,picnics! well idk about night jobs but there is part time jobs sims have much improved and can take beter care of themselves while your not there to play them sims can grown ingrediants for meals sims will make friends better when there happy for instance if your sims happy meter is down they get craby when there meter is all the way up there not craby paintings made by sims like will depend on there personality so no sims will make the same painting  sims will have like favorite mosic gerne and colors and things like that sims will learn faster when there happy too 80 traits  if a mothers mood during pregnancy is cranky or something like that then her baby will recieve those traits too sims can now get wicked fat lol and like anerexic  the one nieghbor hood they have in the game will be huge  sims will act more like real people now the game theme will be more focused on socializing all sims in the niehbor hood will age at once

there will be small goals in the game
you can fish and garden
the game will hit stores mabey the month or a couple weeks before april 2009
sims can offer your sims jobs as they run into people on the streets
you will be able to be like a mayor or in a comunity for the town
trees will shake in the wind
there will be cars in the game
the sims 3 might be made for wii too
you can zoom out while playing a sims to see the hole nieghborhood or zoom in to anysims walking around in the nieghborhood
ms.crumplebottom might be coming back but theres discussion of a replacement for her lol :O but my dads pretty shure the pleasants and goths arnt coming back

sims 3 is said to be around the price of $49.99
the dad says the more official date they have set is April 7 2009
allready avalible for pre orderat gamestop
graphics will be diffrent
no more loading screens
no more blue mist lol
more than like 500 new objects
town is biult on netural looking terrain
sunrise and sunset
costumize how many books you want on a bookshelf
lights shine through windows at night
everything is movable except for sims
April 7th? YAY! Hooray for you! You are AWESOME!

(05-05-2008 01:44 AM)9 days! (Supergeek) link Wrote:April 7th? YAY! Hooray for you! You are AWESOME!


haha thanks now if you could just tell me how to put pictures in the forum posts
What pic? In my siggy? Well it has to be on the internet, and then you go to Profile, Forum Profile Information, down to signature, and then put in:

[ IMG]link[ /img] (without the spaces)

(05-05-2008 01:47 AM)9 days! (Supergeek) link Wrote:What pic? In my siggy? Well it has to be on the internet, and then you go to Profile, Forum Profile Information, down to signature, and then put in:

[ IMG]link[ /img] (without the spaces)

Thanks for the info and you must be lucky to have a dad that works with the sims 3.
(05-05-2008 02:53 AM)michellej9512 link Wrote:Thanks for the info and you must be lucky to have a dad that works with the sims 3.

well yeah i guess to me its just his job lol
That would be understandable! Thanks though for everything you have posted about!
yes, thanx for the inside info!  it's great hearing more since the actual company has delayed on telling us something although when they do it will still be great and wonderful news lol!
thanks some of that i did not know =]
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