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Full Version: home schooling
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I guess so... Wink
Oh, well that sounds interesting. {yes}
Yes, it does. Smile
Definitely. But I am more attracted to a home schooling idea. Smile
Me too. I'm taking classes online, after all. Why can't Sims? Wink
Definitely. What about if kid Sims get bullied and in the end they need to be homeschooled. It works. Smile
That would be neat! Smile
It happened to my friend, so you know... it happens to a lot of kids. I want children to be scared about schools in the morning, tehy could have a least favourite school day. And they could have happy moodlets during weekends.
Well, if EA took all of our ideas, we'd have a totally complex, marvelous, flawless, realistic game. I'd love it! Smile
Agreed! I'm going to work for them one day, I'm sure of it! Smile Well, not really, but...
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