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Full Version: home schooling
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I do! I think? But you don't, and neither does anyone else. Muhehehe.
But I think I'm right. Wink
Well that's all that matters, yes? Smile
Well, I guess...but I'd like to know for sure if I'm right or not. Wink
Oooh! That reminds me. I'll tell you if....
...If? If what??
Do you remember a few days ago you had something to tell us? And we kept begging you to let us know, and you said tomorrow. What was that? I think Paul and Mike no but I never got to find out.
Huh? I thought that was taken care of last night...
Oh, was that it? Right. Wink I thought it was some news you had to tell us or something. Never mind. Wink

And to keep my side of the deal, you were correct. Wink
Sweet! I'm not going crazy, then. Wink

And there is something I need to tell you, but at a later time. Nothing bad, though, don't worry.
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