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Full Version: home schooling
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Are you sure? Is it a good thing? I'll come on MSN if you need me to.
Well, I don't have it on this computer, but like I said, I'd prefer to tell you later anyway. But yes, it's not anything bad. Wink
So it's not bad but not good? I can handle that, I think. Smile

So, later today, you mean? Or another day?
Either later tonight or tomorrow morning. Is that okay?
Oki poki. Smile But if it's later today, what time do you suspect you'll be on?
What time do you plan on going to bed?
2, maybe 3am?
Okay, then probably around 12 your time. Does that work?
It does, but I may be a little sleepy. Ill try my best. Wink
So...you mean to say you may not be up until 2am after all?

In that case, does 10:30 or so work?
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