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Full Version: home schooling
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I will be, but by that time I am always half asleep, and I want to be able to pay attention to what you're saying. {yes}

10:30 is perfect though. Smile
Okay, I'll try my best. Don't be too upset if I don't make it, though. I have to be in North Carolina tomorrow, which means I'll be on the road tonight. Wink
Okay, well I'll look out tomorrow if not tonight, it's fine. Wink
Okay, good. Smile
I'm curious now, and that's not good. So should we try to get on topic? Smile
Definitely. Smile
So, home schooling. I hope so!
Same here. Smile Would an adult have to have "teaching" skills, though?
Will, it'd be complicated, but still, if it'd be possible. Plus, rich Sims could have enough for home-schooled education from a proper teacher.
Too true. And maybe the parent teaching the kid could "neglect their duties" and not teach.
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