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Full Version: home schooling
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Maybe.... maybe not. Smile

And I saw something weird yesterday, come to think of it...
Really? Could you clue me in, per chance?
Oh, nothing special. But I thought the 'nothing, or nothing you can see' phrase used when looking at who's online is for people in the staff room?
It does? I never notcied that...haha. Honestly.
Yes, but... it's been happened to other members status, too. Tongue
That's odd, then... Sad
I know. It happened to TV_Freak and also a guest.
That's really weird...I wonder what they were doing.
Love it (:
Also you can have an option of a magnet school. If you don't know what a magnet school is, it's a school where you need high grades to get in.
Like private school is in TS2 now?
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