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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Okay so I have this new game and its would you ever.  Its like would you rather and have you ever.

So would you ever kiss a guy just to back stap your best friend Ya or Nay?
not a guy, a girl.

WYE go bungee jumping?
NO! I hate heights!

WYE drink your own pee to save your life??

WYE want to go to the south pole?
I think so.. I don't know. Tongue

WYE two-time?
what that? uh,....... yes?

WYE Jump off of a waterfall?
It meas date more than one person at once, without them knowing. Wink

Nope, unless it was small.

WYE bungee jump from a plane?
Probably not. the cord would not let you go and drag you through the air and onto the ground. I think you mean parachute off of a plane. No

(and revert that last answer to No, aswell)

WYE dress up in the clothes of the opposite s3x, and walk around town asking random people for their number?
Girls can wear trousers, so that's not a prob. So yeah. Smile

WYE live with a lesbian/gay man.
i'm not homophobic, so yeah.

WYE Do the same thing as above, but with NO CLOTHES on?
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