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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Totally. {rolleyes}

Same question.
yes. i actually have to play a hobo in a performance at my school. at the performance i'll make sure to snaek in some cleaning of fingernails!

WYE kill somebody for someone?
Never! Unless they really, really deserved it and I wouldn't get done for it.

WYE abandon these forums for the official one (if we ever get one)?
if anything, they should add these forums to the official site!

WYE ask me the same question twice?
Yes (:

Would you ever prank call 911/999?
I've done that before in Maths.

WYE buy Apartment Life?
yes! i'm very greedy!

WYE buy Ikea stuff?
Yes, but only because I feel I have to.

WYE sit and watch Nick all day?
Nuh uh!

WYE sit all day?

WYE stay home without setting foot outside the door for a full two weeks?
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