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Full Version: Would you ever?
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yess, it would fun. && self defence, boii.

WYE stop talking/interating with the person you loved the most to keep a relationship with your family?
No, only if I'm 100% sure that the person isn't a creep

WYE stay up all night for no reason?
yea i did the other night and yesterday was not my best day {no}

WYE stay up for a week without closing your eyes or anything for you to do?
Ughh no.
WYE watch Sesame Street for one week straight?
probably not

WYE dance all alone in a mall with other shoppers around
probably no

WYE dance by yourself at a scool dance?
Mhmmm nope.
WYE eat chocolate every day for one week? Even if you knew you'd gain weight?
WYE eat brocolie for a week
only if I had to

WYE buy four puppies at the same time?
Mhmm nope,mostly cause my mom won't let me.
WYE dance in front of your school?
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