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Full Version: Would you ever?
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if i could dance good

WYE sing in front of your school?

WYE do a cartwheel in the middle of whatever sport you play? or if you don't play a sport, would you if you did do a sport?
yea even though i would probably bust my butt since i cant do one that good.

WYE do a cartwell into a pool?
if possible yes!

WYE volunteer at a homeless shelter?
yes cause i like helping people.

WYE adopted a homeless puppie?(if you dont have one already)
absolutely, I can't resist puppies

WYE drive a bus?

WYE drive a taxi?
probably not

WYE go bungee jumping?
nope cause the string can break and i be dead at the bottom {no}

WYE become a race car driver?
maybe...I love driving fast!

WYE go shotgun shooting for fun?
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