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Full Version: Would you ever?
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omg yes  LOL I'd regret it later though

WYE Eat a Galon of Death by Chocolat Ice Cream
lol and yea

WYE eat 2 galons of pudding


No, it's impossible I think.  Wink

WYE dress like a clown and run in circles around the marrying couple at a random wedding, for 100 of your currency?
Considering I'm terrified of clowns ... NO.

WYE do the same thing listed above, but carrying a sign that says "I'm Desperate!!!"
Nope cause i hate clowns

WYE wear a dog suit and hold a sign asking for money on the street?
xD Nope.
WYE spend one million dollars on wedding[If you had the money]
Nooo. I can't see needing that much money for a wedding o_o

WYE spend 1 million dollars on a sweet 16 birthday party.
Nooo o_o

WYE spend 1 million on books?
WYE spend one million bucks on a house?



WYE sleep in a dumpster behind a restaurant for 100 of your currency?
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