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Full Version: Would you ever?
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WYE dye your hair a wacky color for 100 of your currency?


I don't know.. Yes, pink or purple maybe.  {wacko}

WYE drink a glass of human blood for 100 of your currency?
Suree. It actually tastes pretty good XD I swear I have no problems.

WYE jump in a pool full of ice cold water?
I haaaaave x.x;;;

WYE Sit in a hot tub full of jello xD
WYE be covered in nothing but cash just for fun?
If I could, yes xD

WYE Eat nothing but waffles for a week.
WYE eat nothing but Reese's cups for a week?
No... but only because I don't think my heart could handle it xD
Since you didn't put anything in.

WYE ride in a hot air balloon.
Oh crap, i totally did forget xD

And no, I wouldn't.  I'm terrified of heights ;_;

WYE go sky diving?
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