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Full Version: Would you ever?
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WYE join a circus?

WYE join a rodeo?
WYE kill someone for money?
Nah. Pointless.
WYE moon someone for money?
Nah. I'm pretty self-conscious about my butt xD
WYE kiss someone for money

Earth Mama

If it's a tired little old fag - not if it's less than 1 million dollars. In rest, I wouldn't give a damn about money. {yawn}
If there's a person I really like, than I'd kiss them for free.

Would you ever make someone feel bad, because one of your best friends was hurt by him/her?
WYE go without talking to your mom for a week?
Nooo. I can't even stay mad at for less than an hour. .__. yes im a geek. xD

WYE fight in mud just for the fun of it?
lmao you know me too well xD
WYE kill someone over popularity
WYE hurt someone just for the fun of it?
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