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Full Version: Would you ever?
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WYE go to the Bahamas?

WYE post in EVERY forum game topic?
Nope. Too lazy xD
WYE drink soda and coffee at the same time?
Ewww. I don't drink either.

WYE be able to go without water for a day? I couldn't!
Yes. I've done it multiple times.
WYE crash your computer just for fun?
WYE kill yourself just because you accidentally killed someone?
Depends on who it is...

WYE no way everyone because you were bored?
WYE no way someone just because you hate them?
Ehh, a long time ago I would've done that xD

WYE hooray someone just because they're new?
I have. I think XD
WYE dance in the middle of the street?
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