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Full Version: Would you ever?
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yes. I do that almost every school holidays!

WYE do that?
I mean in the holidays though, so not even school to give you some air! So no, I wouldn't. {no} If it was school, then yes, I would. {yes}

WYE want to be shipwrecked?
yes. i almost have been.

WYE NOt want to be shipwrecked?
No, well, yes, but... it depends. If it was for TV, I would want to be. Otherwise, no.

WYE swear at your mum or dad?
Yeah. probably. but when i'm older.

same question?
Yep, especially my dad.

WYE fly to Neverland if you could?
i would fly . not to neverland.
*and i would swear at my dad, cause he wouldn't care*

WYE swear at your grandparents that are allergic to bad words?
No, and also, in Neverland, you could stay a boy forever.

WYE play another game other than this one.
that doesnt make sense. yes.......?

Well, i am a boy, and i don't plan on any s3x changes!

WYE get a s3x change?
I meant, you'd stay a boy and never have to grow up. Wink

And no, I want to be a girl forever. Smile

WYE play another game other than this one?
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