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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Only if it was a dare
WYE jump in front of a car just for the fun of it
WYE dye your hair red?
WYE eat poop as a dare
WYE take off your shirt in public?
On the beach, okay.. I have Gymnophobia
WYE jump off the 2nd floor of a building?
So your afraid of the Gym? LMAO. We have to dress out everyday.Okay maybe you didn't need to know that XD

WYE jump into a wedding cake?
It means I'm not a nudey kinda person and ye too much info xD
I deffo would!
WYE jump into the pool with your clothes on

WYE watch Playhouse Disney because there was nothing else on?

WYE watch The Fairly Odd Parents?
I wait for it everyday  {rolleyes}
WYE hate cartoons
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