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Full Version: Would you ever?
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WYE eat your couch?
No ;-; It's leather.

I love leather.

WYE go a day without this forum?
I have. So maybe
WYE go a day without being on your myspace?
HA. I've gone many.

WYE go a day without food?
Hmm. Its Possible.

WYE kick a puppy. ;p
xD My mom has.rofl.
WYE go a day without talking?

WYE kiss a cactus?  Wink
WYE sneak out to see your friends?
What? No! They're not worth that.

WYE stick your fist in your mouth?
I've tried to fit a water bottle in my mouth. But yes I have.
WYE webcam with someone you don't know?
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