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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Never ._.

WYE pee in the woods ._.
WYE call someone a cuss word just for the fun of it?
Depends on the person.

WYE flail your arms in a public place?
What's flail? =)
WYE kill yourself
Nope. Have thought about it though.
WYE kiss your friend?

Earth Mama

Yup. I did that a few times. 8)

Would you ever watch pr0n movies while naked?

*OMG, I'm horny today.LOL*
Uhh, no.

WYE eat something off of the floor?
I have. from my kitchen floor.
WYE sleep outside? without camp gear?
;-; No.

WYE kill someone out of anger?
WYE watch a movie you hate just for the fun of it?
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