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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Earth Mama

If he's my boyfriend, then yes. and undress too.

WYE eat cat food?
WYE dance in front of an audience?

Earth Mama

I did that. but they were all aquitances. {rolleyes}

WYE shave your eyebrows to win a bet?
WYE get a bad tan for a bet?

WYE lick roadkill for cash ._.
WYE sneak out for fun?
I have :3

WYE Dress Like a French Maid for Halloween?
Sureee. But then I would get some guys horny xD
WYE dress up as your mom?
WYE Dress up as the opposite s3x

Earth Mama

yeah. I'm a tomboy XD

WYE kiss a cat on the mouth?
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