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Full Version: Would you ever?
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I have before, as a dare. LOL.

WYE run around wearing a bikini in public for $100000?
idk? rofl

Earth Mama

I don't think so. LOL {lol}

Would you ever dress goth?
WYE be emo

Earth Mama

Sometimes I am emo. Not that I really want to. {glare}

would you ever go to school without your glasses?
I don't go to regular school, nor do I wear glasses Tongue

WYE play the same song over and over?
I have a few times Tongue
WYE eat dog food?

WYE eat a dog?  Sad
No. ;_; gross.
WYE bite your friend?

WYE eat your friend?
No. o.O
WYE eat grass?
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