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Full Version: Would you ever?
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This way already asked -.- No.

WYE get angry for no reason at all?
WYE eat your keyboard?
Uhh No.
WYE make out with your phone?
All those germs... ._.

WYE trip on purpose?
WYE jump into shark infested waters for 1 million dollars?
WYE make fun of your teacher?
Already done that :3
WYE make fun of your mom
xD I do that probably everday. Then she makes fun of me ;_; What a cruel world.
WYE make a teacher quit?

Earth Mama

If it gets on my nerves, yes.  Tongue

Would you ever pick a flower from someone else's private garden when no one's looking?
Probably have.
WYE get kicked out of a chat room just for fun?
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