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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Earth Mama


WYE marry a guy/girl only because s/he's rich?
Nope. I'm not a gold digger.
WYE get a tattoo of a celebrity?
WYE date somebody ten years older than you?
WYE date a celebrity just for the fame?
;-; I dunno.

WYE date someone just for money?
WYE date ME for money? :L

Earth Mama

Are you that rich? I dunno... {rolleyes}

WYE go on a nudists beach to take peeks?
Depends.. is rob pattinson there? xD

WYE throw a tantrum. rofl
Yep. I have xD
WYE date me? LOL

Earth Mama

Maybe... xD

WYE steal some magazines?
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