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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Depends on how much it is xD

WYE cause a public scene for no reason?
Sure. With my friends.
WYE sneak on the computer?
I do it every night. Tongue

WYE walk barefoot in snow?
Yes! Haha.

WYE write a poem about pancakes?
No Big Grin

WYE wink over and over?
Me? Nooooo. Winking isn't really my thing. I'm more of a Tongue person. XD

WYE count how many winking smilies someone has posted?
XD You know me so well.

WYE count how many posts someone has posted?
Any time. XD

WYE throw a waffle at Matt?

(My bad, Matt...WAFL...)
{ohmy} No! Matt rocks {punk}

WYE hit Bat with a bat?
...Well I'd throw a waffle at him... XD

Nahhh. Well, maybe. He IS the leader of the dark side, don't you know...

WYE stalk Mike?
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