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Full Version: Would you ever?
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o_O what no. I don't even know what a precipice is.
WYE be on the cover of a magazine?
Precipice= cliff Big Grin

Depends what magazine and what for.

WYE draw on your wall?
I have xD
WYE camp out in the woods?

WYE scare your friends for the fun of it?
Yes, all the time.
WYE cheat on a big exam?

WYE teach a class?
Nope,I don't have the patience.
WYE scare little kids on Halloween?
All the time. {clown}

WYE talk to 15 people at once on MSN? {wacko}
No the closest I got was like 8 or 9.
WYE light a fire for fun?
I'm not a caveman {tongueside}

WYE sneak on the computer when you should be sleeping?
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