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Full Version: Would you ever?
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Eh. If I had to.

WYE watch a soap opera?
i already do

WYE watch wwe?

WYE do a handstand?
Yep. I have tried.
WYE go to camp?
No. :'(

WYE sleep on the ground?
I have XD
WYE rent a hotel room with your friends?

WYE sing in public?
My friends yea complete strangers no

WYE eat the worlds BEST ice cream that's been on the floor for 2 seconds?
BEST ICECREAM! not even a brain freeze stops you from eating it lol
Hmm... perhaps!

WYE save your friend from a bad hair day!
err... i have my own hair problems (i got this long emo-ish hairĀ  {lol} )
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