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Full Version: Would you ever?
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WYE hurt someone?
not on purpose

WYE go skinnydipping in broad daylight?

WYE shave off your eyebrows?

WYE eat rotten bread for 10$

WYE dance in the moonlight?
Sure, why not. XD

WYE strip off in public, just for the laughs?
Yup when i tend to getĀ  hyper i get... crazy and do things i wouldnt ever ever ever do lol

WYE shave off you head and stay baldĀ  to get the girl/boy of your dreams
No!!! XD

WYE sing in front of 10million people? XD
no, I'd die of fright x.x

WYE eat a live spider for $10M?

WYE stick your finger in an electrical outlet?
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