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Full Version: Would you ever?
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If I could lift the table, yes xD
WYE run in front of a distant passing train
Nah...better be safe than sorry?! XD

WYE run out of ideas for this game?! XD
ya for like 30 sec. at most

WYE get bored playing the sims 3 in the first week (from what you think)

WYE set your hair on fire just for the laughs?
WYE shave your head

WYE cut your arm off? XD
WYE cut your LEG off

WYE go around in a wheelchair for a day to see what it was like?
That would be cool to try
WYE pretend you were sick
Yup...do it sometimes when I cba going to school

WYE dye your hair white? XD
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